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Raw Shea Butter

  • Great for daily moisturizing (face and body)

  • Relieving dry skin

  • Moisturizing a dry scalp

  • Soothing minor rashes, including diaper rash

  • Healing blemishes and wrinkles

  • Can be used prior to shaving to minimize razor burn

  • Soften and heal cracking skin

  • Soften callouses on feet, especially heels

  • Prevent stretch marks from pregnancy

  • Healing minor burns

  • Treating mild to moderate eczema

  • Protect the skin (especially lips) from sun and wind

  • Smooth out skin tone

  • Prevent or minimize blemishes and scarring

  • Preventing bumps after shaving

  • Treating acne ( when used with African Black Soap)

  •   Absorbs without blocking pores

  • Maintains and restores skin's natural elasticity

  • Brings shine luster to hair

African Black Soap

Black soap cleanses gently, so it’s ideal for people with rosacea, rashes, dryness and other skin conditions. Some African black soap contain a plantain extract, which has antibacterial properties that may help treat acne breakouts. Some people use the soap as a shampoo or mild makeup remover.

If you’re trying to cut back on the amount of toxins you put on your skin, Black soap gently cleanses impurities without the harmful chemicals. Few studies have been done on raw black soap, but available research has shown that black soap does have bacteria-fighting properties that help treat a number of skin conditions.

Some of the uses for black soap are: shampoo (be sure to follow it with your regular conditioner), makeup remover, acne breakouts, fade skin discoloration, dark spots and acne scars, reduce discomfort for psoriasis and eczema, and helps relieve skin rashes.

Sea Salt Scrubs

Using a body scrub regularly will help make your skin look more vibrant and youthful. Benefits of body scrubs through the removal of dead skin cells as a result of exfoliation with a mild body scrub extend to moisturizing as it allows for the easy absorption of a skin moisturizer into the healthy skin.

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